Happy Halloween

It’s the most wonderful day of the Fall! Time for candy, LOTS of candy! And glowing flickering pumpkins. And adorable kiddies dressed up as cartoon characters you don’t recognize because you are old now and it sinks deeply in as the ungrateful little bastards walk away from the house you have a life-time-sized mortgage on with the candy you now so desperately need to console yourself.

It is also a day I think a lot about my black cat Dexter, we adopted him 3 years ago around this time. He is like a built-in decoration!

baby Dexter playing with a witches hat

Due to silly superstitions, black cats have the lowest adoption rates, which is sad, because black cats are the gentlest and smartest breed! So be nice to black cats, they are great all year-long, but especially cool at Halloween.


What do you think?

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