Spoil Your Cat

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Of course not, it’s 88 days away! That is 88 days to decorate the house, trim the tree, cook multiple feasts, bake pallets of cookies, and buy and wrap a trillion presents!

I usually start with present shopping and try to be done by the end of November so I can enjoy the December festivities. But with a trip to Turkey taking up most of that month, I’m feeling the pressure early and am amazed that I haven’t yet done anything.

A good way to start a big project you’re not keen on, is to begin with the least objectionable piece. The most fun to shop for on my Christmas list are my cats; Marcel and Dexter.

Obviously last year they liked the bag more than their present, but they seem to enjoy Christmas in general. The tree is an interesting things to look at/destroy, and I’m probably more generous with tuna can drippings during the most wonderful time of the year. I love watching them play with new toys and using products that enrich their lives. It makes me feel like a good cat mom.

Solar Chasers Cat Toy $29.95

A solar powered (eco) wand that wiggles back and forth, to entice my cats on bright sunny days for play even when I’m not around. I think this will be super-fun for a little while, but they will get bored with it quickly -like they do with everything. However, if it gets them active even for a bit it will be worth it, and the moment a foster-sibling wants to play solar chaser, Marcel and Dex’s interest will be renewed. The cats in this video are certainly having lots of fun.

Neko Flies $59.40 for complete package

More interactive than the solar-powered option, this fresh take on an old classic encourages bonding between you and your cat by revealing the natural hunter inside. The interchangeable bait attachments are beautifully designed to look, move, and feel like typical feline prey.  Although any cat will attack something small and fury being dragged across the floor, but to really engage a cat is important to know their prey preference; both Marcel and Dexter get most excited about birds and bugs. They are awesome bug catchers, with many a fly and cricket having been triumphantly brought into our bedroom over the summer. To keep their skills honed during the winter, I would probably skip buying the whole package and only get the rod ($9), the kragonfly ($11) and the kittycada ($11) to start. The metal clip prevent the cord from getting tangled around the rod, which is a problem with many other fishing pole style toys.

Cat Crib $29.99

Did you know cats sleep about 18 hours a day? Thant’s an average, I have no idea what length of time my cats sleep. Contrary to appearances, I am not a crazy cat lady, following them around with a stop watch. But it must be around 18 hours, they sleep a heck of a lot; on the bed, on the couch, on my head, on the dinning room table even when there are plates on it, on clothes they’ve pulled off hangers in the closet … sigh. Cats have a knack for finding cozy spots to nap, so I’d like to give them one that tucks away nicely underneath furniture and isn’t something I wear. Dexter will especially love ‘being hidden’ , and I’d bet he uses Cat Crib as a  sneak attack post as well.

Self Warming Cat Bed $49

Two cats mean two cat beds. This Etsy product has an internal metallic layer that radiates heat back to the cat. Marcel loves to sit in the bay window and enjoy the panoramic sunbeams. With this bed dead centre he will probably have the warmest, coziest spot in the house. The beautiful fabric options appeal to me and make having a cat bed in the dinning room a non-issue.

Organic Cotton Cat Collar with Antique Brass Hardware $9.50 each

Another Etsy find, these cat collars are made with unique organic cotton webbing with very mature and sophisticated patterns for my posh kitties. I also love the antique brass hardware that sets these even further apart from anything you could find in a pet store. To top it all off the snap collar is break-away, which is an important safety feature in case the collar  gets snagged on something. I can’t wait to see hoe handsome the boys look in these!

Tickle Pickle $7

I want one of these because I have heard so much about them. Kate at ModernCat.net has raved about this organic catnip filled tubes several times, and I have heard from cat-lover friends as well that nothing gets a cat going like a tickle pickle. This one should be fun!

Okay, so Marcel and Dexter may not get everything on their my wishlist this year, you can only spoil your pet so far as your budget allows. I doubt my niece would like it if I spent more on one of my cats than on her. But these are very reasonable options I get to choose from, any of which will be enjoyed by both me and my cats this holiday.

If you’d like to see more cat products I love, you can follow my Pintrest board For Furbabies and Pet Parents.


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