Foster Kittens, Grayson, Andy, and Laurie

09/09/2012 Update -See what’s happening with Grayson and Laurie.

12/08/2012 Update – Grayson and Laurie caught kittie colds at the shelter and are back with us recovering. These little ones will spend a bit of time with us and be available for adoption again soon. They are stuffed up but as cute and rambunctious as ever!

Meet our latest foster kittens, now up for adoption at the Ottawa Humane Society!

Grayson, Andy, and Laurie

These guys spent a month with us getting big enough for their spay/neuter surgeries. They are adorable and so fun to have. If you are thinking about adopting a kitten (do it!) take a minute to get to know these guys and see if one would make a purrfect addition to your family.

Grayson Shelter No. A145085

Grayson is a special little guy, he has extra toes! Aside from the friggin’ adorable mitten paws, he is also a very well balanced cat. Even though he is still a kitten, he is  calm and relaxed. He likes to sit and watch TV or a window and loves to cuddle up for a nap. He plays well with his siblings, toys, people, and by himself. He also got along great with the adult cats in our home, but knew when to take the hint that they had had enough of his kitten energy. Not as outgoing or boisterous as his brother, Grayson wouldn’t do well outdoors, but would make a great companion for someone looking for a snuggle-bunny that likes to have fun too.

Grayson at the shelter

For more information about this animal, call:
Pet Valu – Stittsville at (613) 836-6663
Ask for information about animal ID number A145085

Andy Shelter No. A145086

Andy was an amazing cat and got scooped up early .. literally while I wrote this blog-post.

Congratulations on your forever-home Andy. Much love from your foster mummy! xox

Laurie Shelter No. A146087

Laurie was our little princess. She always found the most comfiest spot to nap, the bestest toys to play with, and first dibs at the food bowl. Somehow her lofty personality just lorded over her brothers an nobody messes with her. She had our oldest cat grooming her for days! Laurie will become the queen of your heart too if you let her, she is so sweet and gentle, but so funny when she plays “sneak attack my brother”. She is also quite the soccer player! Give her a little ball with a bell in it and space to run around in and she can bend it like Beckham.

Laurie at the shelter

For more information about this animal, call:
Pet Valu – Stittsville at (613) 836-6663
Ask for information about animal ID number A145087

And more pictures because they are cute:

Kitteh gang starin’ a kitteh rumble

Even if one of these little furballs doesn’t seem to fit your personality, please take a look at the OHS adoption page, there are dozens of equally amazing cats there, just waiting for a home.


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