Odds and Ends

Got a lot of odds and ends tied up around the house lately.

Here was simple idea to get the central vacuum hose off the floor. I had this hose hanger from the old house and figured if it worked for and outside hose it would work for an indoor one as well. Make sure you use drywall screws to support all the weight.

Instantly my laundry room looks more organised.

Another project was to spray paint our living-room tables to better match our very fancy futon couch. Gosh I cant wait to completely decorate this room. All we have done so far it scrounge together ‘for now’ furniture. For now though, these look a lot better.

a slightly improved living room

I got a few other things done as well, I’m working on some tutorials. Stay tuned, and slowly, slowly, you will see this house come together. I promise.

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