Torn Screen Door

We love the large sliding door in our new place, but it came with a small hole near the bottom of the screen … which my cats enlarged tremendously. It needed to be replaced and there are places you can get that done. My parents recently had a small window re-screened for about $30 at Home Hardware. DON’T DO IT. This is another example of something that can easily and cheaply be done at home by you.

The first thing to do is go to any hardware store and ask for a screen repair kit, it will usually be in the window and door section. We spent $10 for enough screen for the full-sized door, and it came with the other two things you need; spline and a convex roller. Spline is the fancy term for the black rubber malleable string-thingy around the perimeter.  If we ever need to re-screen another window or something we can just buy the screen and spline separately.

You should also have a screw driver and a utility knife handy.

kit includes screen, spline, and roller

There should be instructions in your kit, but I’ll give them here as well, with pictures!

  1. Remove the frame from the door, and place it on the floor.
  2. With the screw driver, wedge out the old spline.

  1. Once the spline has been removed, the old screen should come off easily. Take this opportunity to clean the groove of inevitable gunk.
  2. Lay the new screen on top of the frame, as straight as possible.

  1. Start with a long side, lay the spline in the groove and use the roller the shove it in. This works best with two people, one to do the rolling, and one to keep the screen taut and straight. Not like this:

  1. Once you have done one side, using your knife, cut the spline carefully so as not to tear the screen.

  1. Repeat on the opposite long side, and then the two short sides. You will get the hang of how tight to keep the screen to avoid wrinkles or bubbles.
  2. With the knife, cut the excess screen around the frame as close as you dare to the spline, but carefully!

  1. And now you no longer have a torn screen door!

Even though the amazing Canadian songwriter David Francey makes them sound cool in this song:


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