Modern Birdhouse Makeover

Due to our unexpected vacation disaster, I am back in the city and getting lots of stuff done around the house. Here’s a quick makeover project I’ve been working on and finished up yesterday.

We found these birdhouses in the garage of our new house. They needed some TLC and I had my eyes on these fancy shmancy ones for a while now:

So cute and modern, these were my inspiration. I took my sad abandoned birdhouses, stained the roofs a dark brown and painted the bases white. For a perch, I used some cheap ($2.99 each) drawer pulls from the hardware store.

To attach them to the tree I wanted, the bubby used L-brackets that you screw up into the bottom of the house. Careful to use screws that are short enough, you don’t want sharp metal objects poking any potential inhabitants!

And here they are! Not as nice as the fancy shmancy ones, but a vast improvement. I hope the birdies like them!

Modern Birdhouse Design by tixeertne

Oh and hey, this is my 100th post!! Might as well celebrate with a few link parties!



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