I’m Home! {Vacation Disaster}

So vacation is over. It was supposed to be a week at the cottage but it lasted one day. We started off strong, everyone having a great time; swimming, campfires, great meals, board games. And then a tornado hit.


 A tornado.

In Ontario.

Okay right now it is unconfirmed but a lot of people said they saw it touch down.

A tornado.

My family has had this cottage for 45 years and there has never been a storm like this. The wind and rain were extraordinary. We were saved from being terrified by a preoccupation with the copious amount of rain pouring in from the window seams and dripping down from the ceiling. It was ten straight minuets of six adults running from the living-room to the bathroom perpetually soaking up water and ringing out towels. So when the storm let up, and we were able to see outside, the damage came as a shock.

This tree is a few feet from the house.

From inside, taken through a window.
The shed tipped to one size.

Up at the roots.
One of many trees over the hydro line.

This last picture did me in. When I saw all the trees on the power lines, I knew our vacation was over. We can deal with black-outs for a day or so; candles and flash lights, keep the fridge closed as much as possible, put comforters over the freezer, wash with lake water, cook on the BBQ, etc. But this was going to take more than a few days: our power line had been ripped clear off the house and was coiled on the lawn. And we had bubby’s mother and brother visiting with our 3 month old niece. We can’t stay here, vacation is over, time to abandon ship.

But it wasn’t as simple as that. The rest of the day was spent talking to neighbors, trading war stories, and discovering that the roads were blocked everywhere by fallen trees and hydro lines.  Two Fire Search & Rescue teams from neighboring municipalities had been dispatched to clear the roads. Several people had been trapped in their cars during the storm, on their way home from work. OPP were out on ATVs doing head counts. We were very lucky. One of the nearby campsites was hit very hard, and the road was still blocked when we got the go-ahead to vacate at about midnight. I haven’t heard about any  injuries, thank goodness. It was heart breaking to drive by the lineup of cars waiting to get in to blocked off areas, passing people worried about their property, pets and loved ones, with phone lines down and most cellphone towers too.

So now we are back in the city, with all the food safely frozen and a mess to deal with when we can go back. But for now we are left wondering, what to do with what is left of a disaster vacation?


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