This Weeks *Vacation* Menu {July 23-29}

We are officially on vacation! A whole week up at the lake to eat, drink, and lay in the sun. We have our little niece and her parents visiting for the first few days, and my parents joining us the last weekend. So some big meals getting prepared, but a lot of the fun is coming together to cook as a family. Everyone preps, cooks or barbecues, everyone does the washing up … well that’s the plan anyway!

MondayCedar-Plank Salmon with green beans

Tuesday – Simple Summer Spaghetti

Wednesday –  BBQ Chicken with Corn on the Cob

Thursday – Dinner out at Sidedoor

Friday – mom and dad took us out

Saturday – ribs and salad

Sunday – leftovers

If you notice, almost everything is done on the grill, you can bet not a damn thing is going in the oven. I plan to spend as much of my vacation as possible chilling on the deck, not in a hot kitchen.

Please keep your fingers crossed for great weather and no bugs!  Eeeek it’s vacation time! Let the good times roll!


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