Grilled Patty Pans

Have you ever seen one of these?

this kitten hadn’t

Me neither. That’s why I bought them. The nice lady at the farmer’s market told me they were patty pans, a summer squash, and to cook them like zucchini. So I grilled them.

Here’s how:

Chop off the ends, like this:

Then in half, like this:

Spray/brush them lightly with olive oil and  put them cut side down on the grill. Like this:

Once you get nice grill lines, flip them over. Like this:

Add some spices and dried herbs (parsley, salt, pepper, oregano, etc. ) and some grated parmesan cheese. Close the BBQ cover and let the tougher side of the patty pans cook and the cheese melt. When they are done they look like this:

And they were SO GOOD! Even the bubby loved them. So go buy some little squashed squash that look like flowers when they’re cut. They are in season now. So go, get to your friendly neighborhood farmer’s market and buy whatever else you don’t recognize; it will probably turn out to be something great.


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