Pale Pastel Bridesmaids

This has been one hot summer! To cool down the look of your wedding party, stick with soft light colours; they will visually lower the temperature. The great thing about summer, and having a casual wedding, is that you can find great candidates for bridesmaid dresses everywhere, and at amazing prices. These are from Forever 21 and are all under $40!

Aren’t they cute!? Theses dresses are so affordable and with all the eyelet and lace they are feminine and fresh. The gowns allow your maids to express their individuality and for you to showcase your creativity and style. Perfect for backyard or garden weddings, your girls will thank you for letting them wear what all your guests will be wearing at the party: a sun dress! Much better than frumpy bridal wear … you may just want to slip into something similar yourself.

Shopping info:

Forever 21 Forever 21 Forever 21 Forever 21 Forever 21 Forever 21 Image Map

Some other pastel inspirations:


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