Flea Market Finds

Went to a flea market this weekend, a few minuets down the road from the cottage. Check out what I got:

Royal Albert Val D’Or Small Platter

My first piece of fine china! I used to work in the china & crystal department at The Bay, I sold a lot of this stuff and know that people pay a lot more for a lot less. It’s in pretty good shape, a few shallow scratches, I would say “gently used”. It will be cute to serve loaf cake on.

cute hanging light for $2

Bubby is going to try to install this in entryway. He’s amazing like that. I’ll even attempt to learn how he does it so I can share it with you.

weird spoon for 10 cents

Pretty sure this is a vintage baby spoon. No idea why I bought it really, but it’s made in England and I think its real silver. If I polish it up I can use it as a sugar spoon or something.

french water colour $2
and another one $2

These I’m really proud of; my first pieces of art! I was looking at the frames, not interested in what was behind the glass – images of the English country side that looked as if they had been cut out of a calendar -turns out I was right. The frames weren’t in great shape so I was about to give them a pass until a flipped them over. These Paris pictures were taped to the back of the frames. The lady selling them said she didn’t like them and switched them out years ago. I instantly loved them. I know nothing about art but I think they are beautiful and they reminded of time I spent in Paris 2 years ago.

Turns out they are prints of  highly regarded Italian artist Aldo Raimondi (1902-1998). The originals were water-colour paintings on paper depicting the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame Cathedral … and would be worth  thousands. There are a few prints similar to mine selling on Etsy for about $20, so I still did really well!

I carefully removed the tape, cleaned the glass, and spray-painted the frame. Here’s how they turned out:

my upstairs hallway
Aldo Raimondi

5 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds

      1. I don’t think they need a mat because the dark frames set them off and there is enough white space between. If you did decide on a mat, I would go bigger with the frames. Great find!

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