This Week’s Menu {July 9-15}

We have had amazing weather in Ottawa lately, hot and dry day after day. The farmer’s aren’t too happy about it though, they kinda need water to grown things. So to show solidarity I’ll support local farmers by buying lots of their wares at markets and fully enjoying the good things that grow in Ontario.

Monday – Tomato sandwiches

Tuesday – Hayriye’s Patates Mucveri (Turkish Hash Browns) with eggs and sausage

Wednesday – Grilled turkey breast with Patty Pan squash

Thursday – Leftovers!

Friday – Margarita  Pizza

Saturday – Family Potluck: Spinach Dip in Pumpernickel Bread Bowl and Fruit Dip Platter

Sunday –  Vovo Style Mussels with Fries

If you live in Ontario you are thinking about the song right now. Don’t even try to lie about it, I know you are. Here it is, flash back to 80’s version:


What do you think?

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