Quick and Dirty Friday Dinner {Bagel and Lox}

What do you eat when it’s Friday night and you just can’t freakin’ wait to get out of the city? Take inspiration from mega-city dwellers and always on the run New Yorkers: Bagels and lox! You can grab all the ingredients in town, hit the road, and assemble them when you get to the lake.

perfect Muskoka chair dinner

Here’s what you need:

  • bagels, fresh and plain
  • cream cheese
  • lox a.k.a smoked salmon thinly sliced

Here’s what to do: 

Slice the bagel in half, spread the cream cheese, top with salmon and drink with an ice cold beer. Now that you’re fed and watered, start enjoying the rest of your weekend!

The key to this ‘recipe’ are the ingredients. Use the best bagels you can get your hands on (I went to the Ottawa Bagel Shop) , some high quality smoked salmon (I got Sea Change) and get creative with the cream cheese (I skipped the philly went with some nice made-in-house Garlic & Herb). Having amazing ingredients will take this meal from something you through together to the ultimate kick off a well-deserved relaxing lakeside weekend.


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