DIY Car-Flops {Flip-Flop Makeover}

Cozy-er flip-flops

I like to keep flip-flops in the car for when I get off of work and can’t stand my heels any more. Car-flops have saved my tender tootsies more than a few times. It’s a summer essential. Bought these  for 5 bucks at a pharmacy but wanted the make them more cozy.  I also recently purchased a pair of shorts that came with a little belt thing that looked stupid under shirts so I kept the shorts but re-purposed the belt. Here’s how:

  1. Cut off the old rubber straps.
  2. From the top, thread one end of your belt/fabric through one of the lower holes.
  3. Let it peep through to the bottom a bit, scrunch up in a ball, and sew. Just a few stitches, back and forth to make at tight knot that will hold.
  4. String the other end trough the top hole.
Steps 1 – 4
  1. Time to custom make these puppies! Thread the fabric back through the top hole. make as tight as you feel is comfortable for your foot.
Step 6
  1. With the fabric on the top side, sticking out from the top toe hole, tighten until there is a small little loop on the bottom. Sew this into a another little knot.
  2. Using your foot as a guide again, thread the fabric from the top through the third/last hole. Leave enough peaking through the bottom   of the flop but cut off extra fabric. Sew into a knot.
  3. Repeat for the other shoe.

These are super cozy and really cute. I’m all set for my entire gamut of high, peep-toe, strappy, constricting work-heels of summer. At least I will always be comfortable in the car.

This is my first time participating in a link party! Hosted by the wonderful: {aka} design


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