A Phenomenal Hoax

Do you ever get those forwarded e-mails that include a crazy story about something so obviously important to public knowledge that it seems suspiciously strange that neither you nor anyone you know has ever heard of it before? I do all the time. I don’t send them on. I don’t ignore them. I write back, I write back to everyone who was included in the forward. Here is one I got recently:

Lets chose to ignore the ridiculous premise that electronic mail has the supernatural ability to distribute wealth. Lets also ignore the fact that Feng Shui has more to say about where you place your couch than which internet user gets an extra pay-day -although those are absolutely clues to the fishiness of this e-mail.

This is June. July is just days away. It took me all of 1 second to flip my calendar over one page and see that the month was wrong. BIG RED FLAG! It took another 3 minuets to type in the subject line into Google and read up on how other sites have already debunked this email, namely here.

This doesn’t even apply to this year! It’s a calendar for last year July 2011. For a hoax it is a very very lazy one. And yet it was sent to me and about 50 other people yesterday!

This is how I responded to those 50ish people:

click to enlarge

I’ve responded to a lot of these e-mails over the years; everything from poisonous margarine to why you should throw eggs at people on fire (seriously). Oddly enough I am yet to receive  so much as a”thanks for setting the record straight” in reply. Maybe people like the ‘magic’ behind chain e-mails like this? Personally I find the phenomenon of reality (you should watch the Venus video here. It is epic. ) far more bewitching than a poorly thrown-together superstitious note in my in-box.


What do you think?

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