Weekend Camping Menu

No ‘real’ menu for this week since I have started the Grilled Cheese Only Diet. It’s the new fad, Pippa Middleton is doing it. … Also, the bubby is in the midst of another busy season at work, is never home for dinner, and is living off Subway every night … hey that actually is a diet, go figure.

What I can do, with all my cooking-for-Liam-free-time, is share what we ate on the camping trip last weekend.


Dinner – Hamburgers

 Noting fancy here, just store-bought patties and buns, the three basic condiments, and sliced cheese. Served with a hearty side of chips and an ice-cold beer.

Snack – marshmallows

breakfast of champions


Breakfast – store-bought chocolate croissants and fruit

Nope, the fruit got eaten by a raccoon. Serve with cold orange juice, vodka recommended.

Lunch – grilled chicken with veggies ‘n dip

A day or so before camping, slice chicken breasts into strips, season, and freeze in a saleable bag.  Allow to thaw in cooler and grill, serve with a cool beer.

Snacktrail mix chips

Nope, this got eaten by a seagull.

Dinner – steak and campfire potatoes

Like the chicken, freeze your seasoned and marinated steaks. Defrost in cooler and grill on the camp stove. For potatoes, wash and pre-boil new potatoes the night before the trip. At camp, slice in half and place into individual disposable mini-tart pans. Add butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Wrap in foil and place above the fire (or around) for 30 to 45 minuets.  Serve with tepid beer.

Snack – Spanish chorizo and vodka gummy bears

Spear the choizo on a stick and cook over the fire. Make the bears 5 days ahead of time. Do not drink beer -the gummies will hit you hard!

Drunkin’ Bears


Breakfast – bacon sandwiches

Freeze the bacon at home, fry on top of foil on the grill or fire. Toast bread the same way, butter, and create sandwiches.

Lunchgrilled cheese leftover hot-dogs

At home, butter the outside of bread slices, placing cheese on the inner dry sides and wrap in wax paper. At camp, grill on top of foil on grill or fire. Nope, these would have been really good except that I left them all at home. Thus the Grilled Cheese Only DietTM. Serve with warm-as-bum beer.

SnackRice Krispie Squares

The trip was a big success and a lot of fun, despite forgetting our final meal in the fridge and being persistently pillaged by wildlife.


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