This Week’s Menu {June 18-24}

Going to be a busy (and short!) week, because we are heading out early Friday morning for some car camping. I need to get all the groceries and meals together for six people in time for the weekend. I also want to start trying some Turkish dishes in preparation for our future trip!

MondayJamie Oliver inspired Simple Summer Spaghetti

Tuesday – Shopping and sushi

(so not going to be able to cook Turkish this week, but I did find a bathing suit and two pairs of shorts!)

Wednesday – Reader’s Digest Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes

Thursday– Leftovers!

Friday & SaturdayCamping

Sunday – Fast food

Seems a bit overwhelming, what with the 40 hour work week in 4 days, having to go bathing suit and short shopping (most dreaded clothing items ever), and trying to create a résumé for my mum who hasn’t had one in 30 years. Chances are I will collapse upon arrival at the camp site, at which point Liam will take over the tent and equipment arrangements. It will work out, it has to.


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