Back to the White Board

I turned an old picture frame (it contained a baby photo of me) into a white board about a year ago to inspire me to publicly display a weeks worth of dinners. It was a success for a while, forcing me to plan ahead, and to also try new recipes. Apparently I tire of writing a thing over and over faster than I get tired of eating a thing over and over.

So when the white board got unpacked and hung in the ‘new’ kitchen (it’s very old an outdated) I vowed to return to using it, with the added incentive of also posting my plan on-line. This will up the ‘try something new’ factor while forcing me to blog, eat healthy, shop smart, and be organised. How many birds is that? Like seven.

Hopefully this becomes a routine, and I promise to share a recipe if I like it. If I love it I’m keeping it to myself.

I have an easy go of it this week;

Mondaymom’s house for dinner!


Tuesday – Swedish meatballs

 (or other Ikea food because we are trekking out there after dance class)


WednesdayChana Masala


ThursdayBBQ turkey legs with Karen’s Quinoa Salad


Friday – leftovers!


Saturday – friends ended up coming over and we pulled out steaks


Sunday – Karen’s Cashew Chicken

Seems like it’s going to be a delicious week, I’m hungry already. Off to Mom’s House!


What do you think?

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