Nelly Beans

So Liam’s brother is having a baby, which will make me an aunt for the first time ever! We know it’s a girl, we know she will be the most beautiful baby ever born, and we know she will be named Nelly. Never being able to pass up a pun, I made some “Nelly Bean” jars for game prizes at the baby shower.

“Nelly” Beans

Here’s the How-To:

  • Save jars. I keep all jars that pass through my kitchen. Sure, I have boxes of jars stored all over the house, but now and then I find something to do with them. It’s worth it right?
  • I got the vintage label images here and put in the text using Picnik -which doesn’t exist anymore, but try PicMonkey, it’s just as cool, and free.
  • Re-size to match the labels you are using and print.
  • To cover the lids, I used some wrapping paper I had and the technique described on Design Sponge.
  • Fill with pink jelly beans from the Bulk Barn … now they are Nelly Beans.
  • Add some pretty ribbon, from the Dollar Store, and voila!

They went over really well. I wish I had made more and given them out as favors, maybe with baby food jars, jelly beans are expensive!

Check out link party!


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