Moving Day!

I lied. This isn’t about moving day at all. This is about the day before moving day, the day we got the keys to our first home.

got the keys -now drive!

Moving day was far too chaotic for picture-taking, and I looked way to frazzled to be seen on the internet. But the day we got the keys we went directly from the lawyer’s office to  our new home and captured the moments before we crossed over the threshold of home ownership.

Maybe it was silly, I’m sure the neighbourhood thought so when they saw us running back and forth to a tripod in our drive way (we really need to get a remote shutter release). I sincerely hope our neighbours were not at home, otherwise we made a truly odd first impression.

our home self-portrait

But it was a special moment for us. Seven months ago we took notice of the decreasing interest rates in Canada and decided now was the time to buy. We had planed to wait another year but didn’t want to miss an opportunity. We scrimped and saved and seven months later we had our down payment plus a little bit extra to spare. I can’t believe we were able to save so much and the reward for doing so is amazing.

A lot of couples get married before they buy a house, and the wedding is a big deal because it’s a public deceleration of love and commitment. I see us buying a house together as no less of an occasion; we just did it first because it made more financial sense for us. Still a good reason to put on a white dress, take pictures and drink champagne.

champagne means “le bubbly” in French

Oh yes we drank champagne. After running through the house like chickens and opening up every drawer and closet door screaming “they left this!” and “did you notice that?” we got changed and got down to work cleaning the loos in preparation for moving day -this is where the wedding metaphor falls apart badly. We picked it back up though with a decadent fast food dinner in the garden and a bottle of my very favourite sparkling beverage veuve clicquot.


My parents were even there to give us a little toast, and it was the first of what I hope is many good times in our new place.  I still very much want to get married, but every couple is different and takes their own route through life. I am loving our road so far and want to document every milestone in it.

Silly or not, I think I will be very glad to have these pictures to look back on one day.


4 thoughts on “Moving Day!

  1. What a great idea! We get the key to our new house in 46 days (Not that I’m counting! Ha!) Thankfully I have a shutter remote but what a great way to capture your first day in your new house! p.s: We’re married and buying a house is wayyyy bigger and scarier than getting married! LOL!

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