Home Is Where the Hearth Is

I can not even convey how excited I am to be buying a house with a fireplace. A fireplace! Where you can burn real wood, indoors, all year round. Not just the summer campfire -although those are awesome too- but whenever I want!

I suppose it’s because fireplaces were a big part of my childhood. At the family cottage, the wood stove was the only heating for a long time. We kept it stoked on cold spring and falls days, and cooked on it when the power went out (which was every time it rained even a little bit). My little brother’s first sentence was “hot hot, no touch” in regards to the wood stove which stood obtrusively in the middle of a hallway.

Like pretty much every other human being, I fell in love with the smell of burning wood. Taking fall walks in the woods always concluded with getting a whiff of the chimney smoke and knowing you were almost home.

Every Christmas Eve of my childhood, my uncle lit the fireplace in his house. As arguably the most responsible of all my cousins, and with all the adults busy with the party, it was my job to keep the fire going until midnight.  The smell and sound of crackling timbers are irrevocably tied up with thoughts of home and family.

Realtor photo of fireplace in my new home!

And now my home has a fireplace! The smell of my house will welcome me home after long chilly walks. My family can enjoy the warmth and the light on Christmas Eve and I can again keep it blazing all through the night with the … oh wait, what am I going to poke it with? I don’t have a fire poker, or tongs or anything! Where do you even buy stuff like that? Oh no, whatever am I going to do?

To the internet!

Okay, don’t panic, Canadian Tire sells them; I love Canadian Tire! Wow those are ugly – not ugly, sorry if you bought a fireplace set at Canadian Tire, just not my style.  But I’ve learnt two very important things; I’m not a fan of iron and I should probably get an extinguisher. Thanks Canadian Tire, good suggestion. Canadian Tire always has my back.

I have this on a mug

Elsewhere on the internet:

Interesting, another term for what I’m looking for is a ‘hearth set’. Yeah, I’m absolutely going to start calling my fireplace a hearth. Sounds nicer and much less dangerous. Ooo these are nice or these.  Modern, sleek, sexy, I’m sure these will go great with my hearth. Wow, they are like $200 … $900!!! To poke wood? Forget that. Its like throwing money into the fire without getting to watch it burn. Hmm, why am I buying new anyway? I’m on a budget and certainly a product that has stood the test of time is a better option.

To the classifieds!

On my local Kijiji, I learn that I also hate brass as a material. Although I am in the much nicer $20 range, all the brass sets quickly get rejected.

Then I spot this one, the ad says brass but it looks a lot like copper. The stand has some nice style that hints at craftsmanship,  I love the twisted rope handles, and 6 pieces including a bonus bellows. I think I’ve found by hearth set! I negotiated the price down and bought it for $30.

my Kijiji hearth set find

I picked it up last night and its in great shape, having never been used. Apparently the very nice family selling it received it as a gift but have a gas hearth (weird gift). All the pieces are nice and heavy, the stand is very solid, and the bellows work amazingly. I was right about it being copper! -much nicer than brass or iron in my opinion. It’s a bit tarnished but I’ll polish it up and show you the results. For now, take a look what I found online:

my hearth set brand new

The same set, minus the bellows, for $114! I got a bargin and am very pleased. I didn’t think it possible but I am now even more excited to be living in a home with a fireplace hearth.


What do you think?

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