Blog on Ice

Not sure why I got so many great gifts; I’ve been very naughty about blogging.

But its a new year and I have so many great ideas for posts! Now that I’ve awaken from my Holiday Hibernation, I can get to work retrospectively reporting on what I was up to all Season long.

I made ice bowls! For shrimp rings at my moms 30 person Christmas Eve dinner party.  I won’t give you a tutorial, Botanical Paperworks did a fab job of that already, but here are my results and a few tips.

384877_10150508819142505_505312504_8656950_1138891349_n 381503_10150508819292505_505312504_8656952_1032027860_n


*Don’t be skimpy on the bottom layer, you need that to be at least a generous inch thick. One of my bowls cracked a bit but I was lucky and no one seemed to notice.

*Boil your water first; it freezes clearer.

*No spruce trees around so I just used whatever ever-greenery I could find; pine and cedar.

*Don’t skimp on the cranberries either. I thought I was using too many as I built layers, but in the end I wish threw in more. The red just pops do nicely in the ice.

*Getting the ice out of your moulding bowls can be tricky. Not actually doing it, but the timing. It took about 20 min of siting in the warm kitchen for the suckers to pop out, and I was worried people would start to arrive. If you live in a cold climate like me (-29ºC today btw) I’d get them out ahead of time, place them on the drip tray and stick’em outside.  Anything below freezing will do, and try to put them in the shade.

Other than that it was a painless process with a big pay off. Everyone loved them and was super impressed. The shrimp were kept nice and cold and cocktail hour never looked so pretty.


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