23-10-2011 Update! Check out the comment below for news that Max found an awesome family!

My foster kitten needs a home!

Meet Max, a 5 month old neutered male kitten who spent a month with me and my family as he recovered from a cat cold. He is now available for adoption at the PetsMart in Barrhaven.

Max (Shelter No. 130933)

Max has to be the coolest cat I’ve ever seen. Note the white boots and mittens, adorable round spot on his chest, super soft fur, crazy long eyebrows and tail, and the stunning thin white ‘smoke trail’ up his face.

He also has a personality to match his unique look. He got a lot of his coolness following his 2-year-old foster-cat-brother around and picked up some cute habits like sitting in sinks. Max is a master of independent play, and can entertain himself, and you, for hours with any toy or random thing he finds.

Max is above all a gentleman; he is very patient and easy-going, a little hesitant at first, but what’s wrong with some prudent reserve? Once he knows you are cool like him, he will want play with you or a cat buddy all day long. Like any modest gentleman, Max might pretend to not like affection or being picked up at first, but after about a second he lets himself enjoy your love and will purr and cuddle with abandon.

Max is an awesome little guy, and with a very small amount of effort you can get past his shy exterior and have a wonderful friend for life.

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2 thoughts on “Max

  1. Hi there – Just thought I’d let you know that your blog resulted in Max finding his forever home today. After seeing the pictures on your site I emailed my wife and the decision was made there and then. We have been looking for a while and couldn’t be happier.

    I didn’t take long for him to feel comfortable here. After a few hours he jumped up on my wife’s desk and right into her arms. I don’t think he moved from there for almost an hour. 🙂


    Dave, Paula, Brea & Max.

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