Marshall and Ted

Meet our latest foster kittens to get healthy and be put up for adoption!

Ted Shelter No. A129928

This is Ted. He is a feisty three-month old neutered male orange and white tabby who came to us with a kittie cold and something to prove. His high energy personality, curiosity and bravery instantly clicked with our 2-year-old owned cat Dexter, and the two got along wonderfully; mostly running up and down the stairs for no apparent reason except that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Once Ted got comfortable with my boyfriend and I, he allowed his tough guy exterior to melt away and became a big purring puddle of cuddle cuteness (that’s when he becomes Teddy.)

We never had any problems with Ted with house training, damaging furniture, or getting him to eat. He loves to play, is always alert, and for such a high energy little guy -is actually quite quiet and non-chatty. Needles to say, his colours are beautiful; tiger stripes and leopard spots in rich tabby gold. Just look at that face! >more pictures<

It was so much fun fostering Ted and we sincerely hope he finds a great Forever Home soon. If you think your family is a match for Ted, please contact the Ottawa Humane Society or visit him at the Pet Valu Wesgate.

Marshall Shelter No. A129929

This is Marshall. Marshall is a three-month old neutered male fawn and white baby who also had a cold and wanted nothing but love and affection. He got along  wonderfully with our older owned cat Marcel, probably because he would sit there and groom him for hours on end. But Marshall gives out kittie kisses as well as he takes them, and is friendly and affectionate with everyone always. He also has a playful side and loves toys; especially fluffy ones.

Marshall was always a well-behaved angel, using his litter, and keeping his claws to himself. He is not a picky eater and his favourite treat is Whiskas Cat Milk. We nicknamed him marshmallow because he is soft and sweet and his white and fawn marking make him look like he is perfectly toasted. >more pictures<

Marshal loves being treated like a big baby, and after all he still is one and deserves to be taken care of. He needs a Forever Family who will love and cherish him and he will pay them back with love and loyalty ten fold. If you want to be Marshall’s new family please contact the Ottawa Humane Society or visit him at the Pet Valu Wesgate.

Liam and I always name our fosters after characters from our favourite TV shows. These guys are the namesakes of two best buds from How I Met Your Mother.

Marshall and Ted ... being sleepy

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