My DIY Cork Board

So we don’t have a land line in our new place, now a days who does? But there is this ugly phone jack in on our kitchen wall. Uh uh, this wont do.

Ugly phone jack to cute cork board

I decided I’d make a fabric covered cork board to do over it, something we could pin coupons and recipes to.  Here’s what I used:

  • Half a thin wooden box from the Dollar Store
  • A roll of cork, found this at the craft store DeSerres
  • Silicon glue
  • Fabric
  • two finishing nails
  • push pins, got some cute ones again from the Dollar Store
Trace the box over the cork board and cut. Repeat for however many layers you want, depending on how thick you want it. Glue the first cork sheet the box and allow to dry. Then start layering making sure to glue the ends well. Cut the fabric so it wraps around, glue this down too.  I used  binder clips to hold everything tight and keep it from slipping.
Once everything is dry, to mount it over the jack, I just hammered the nails right through into the wall and covered the nails with push pins.
Volia! It’s cute and useful and much nicer looking now.

3 thoughts on “My DIY Cork Board

  1. Very good idea! There is picture frame made to hang on the jack just like a wall phone. You can use it as a picture frame or as a base to craft into something useful. Its called a Telephrame.

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