Animal Magnetism

A pug was tied up outside the bank in my building just now. He was walking around, saying hello to everybody and giving out kisses. When he saw me, he charged straight ahead and broke his leash trying to jump up into my arms (he didn’t make it, pugs being small and me being quite tall). I appreciated the compliment; I’ve always known my animal magnetism is off the charts, and I was happy to spend five minuets socializing with him, with a firm grasp of the broken lead, until his owner was finished banking.

The pug’s daddy was very apologetic, picked up his baby and thanked me. I have no reason to doubt he is anything but a responsible pet owner, scenarios like this can happen to anybody, but I think it serves as a great reminder for all of us. Add to your Spring Cleaning checklist to inspect your pet’s safety equipment. After the hard winter, pet accessories can experience a lot of wear and tear.

  • Check the collar and leash for rips, frays, or other signs of weakness.
  • Check that all clasps are free of rust and functioning properly.
  • Check how the collar fits. Your pet’s weight can fluctuate (too)!
  • Check the ID badge, sometimes the information can ware off. Replace as needed, or better yet, get your pet microchiped! The Ottawa Human Society runs chipping clinics periodically. Check for dates here.

It feels a little silly to admit, but I do miss my cats during the day. Some furry affection at lunch hour was exactly what I needed to get through the rest of this Friday. I’m just glad that I was close when Mr. Pug sighted and was irresistibly drawn to me. I work on the corner of two very busy streets and, let’s face it, the worst can happen.


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