One vs. Many

To expand on my last post, I’ve juxtaposed some bridesmaid dress pictures based on colour. All the shots are of groups with the bride, so you can get the over-all look, and I tried to find similar poses. All the pictures are great, and it’s hard to pick which looks better; one or many shades of colour?

At first I though it might depend on how formal the event is. The many-shades seem to be more casual affairs. The two glaring exceptions here would be the pinks, and to a slightly lesser extent the grays. The many-shade pink girls all look absolutely stunning and very formal. And I love how the many-shade gray ladies are all different body types and skin tones, one is pregnant(!), but they all look fantastic.

My vote is for the many-shades. They all still look like bridesmaids, dresses can be as formal or casual as you want, each girl feels comfortable and confident, and I think it adds personality to the shots.  The one-shade dresses are all very nice, but when placed next to dresses that were probably not purchased from a bridal collection, I find they lack modernity and style. No matter how nice a bridesmaids dress you pick out, it will always scream “bridesmaid dress”. It’s a bridal joke that every bride thinks “my maid can shorten their dresses and wear them again”, but I can’t see myself wearing any of the one-shade dresses unless I had to. Okay, maybe the gray, that one is cute. But I can totally see myself in some of the many-shade reds, greens, and blues.

It definitely comes down to personal preference, there is no right answer, only opinions -so lets share! It’s election time Canada, who get’s your vote?


What do you think?

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