Why Weddings?

I am not engaged, I just love weddings.

I am in a committed long-term relationship, and I’m sure he’ll pop the question as soon as we have money in our bank account and time in our future enough to pay for and plan the chic and extravagant circus that will be my big day. >breath< But that is all beside the point. I have always loved weddings.

Perfect Wedding game

When I was a little girl, my favourit board game was called “Perfect Wedding”. This game literally gets little girls to race their friends down the aisle while collecting the most expensive wedding items (dress, bouquet, band, tuxedo, etc.) possible. My heart would break if I had to settle for the least expensive cake, you know, the one without the plastic balconies and water fountain underneath it.           Yikes, I know, but it was the 90s.

Growing up in a Portuguese family meant attending a lot of weddings. These were pretty much the time of my life.  I got to dance, dress up, eat amazing food, and stay up very late.

I have been a flower girl twice and a bridesmaid three times.

I always cry when the bride a groom say their vows.

My job all through university was a bridal consultant at The Bay Gift Registry. Here I helped brides pick our their towels and stand mixers, and up sold them on china and crystal. The best part of the job was working the Wedding Shows that Ottawa hosts in excess every spring. It was my first, an so-far only, trip into the wedding industry, and I loved it.

So those are my justifications for diving into the bottomless ocean of bridal blogging. (Like my blog could have even less direction). I want to write what I love about weddings, what ticks me off, and what inspires me. Even if the only person I satisfy is my self.


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