Green Bridesmaids

In the three weddings I have been an attendant in, each time I though that the dresses were very nice, but weren’t ideal for my body type or skin colour.  I can’t complain, it’s got to be impossible to find a dress that makes each of your girls happy based on style, colour, shape, and price, while at the same time suiting your over-all plan for the wedding.   That is why I have always loved the idea of letting maids pick their own dresses. From retail stores. Not out of a catalogue where some old lady measures you while reading your inches aloud, and then you wait two months for the thing to be “tailor made” but when you get it it still somehow needs hundreds of dollars of alterations.

Yes. Pick your own dress sounds great. And then control freak in me kicks in. What about the pictures? They have to look cohesive, the colours still have to compliment everything else. I want my bridesmaids to look like bridesmaids and not just guests at the wedding; how can they do that if they are not in uniform?

Okay. So I can still let the girls find a dress they love, there will just have to be some rules.  If I said “find a solid, rich green, graze-the-knee dress” I think I could trust my gals  to come up with outfits that make each of them feel and look fantastic.

A step further would be to give them a selection of pre-approved dresses. Yeah, that placates the control-animal in me. They can still pick the shape and shade that best suits them, while officially looking like part of the wedding. For example, the dresses below are all from J.Crew, and I think they look like lovely leaves on a tree. Each one unique, but looking great when standing together.


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