Twitter Chic

Twitter rocks for a lot of reasons, recently I found yet another reason to love the social networking site and am very excited to share it.

@chicshopjb was suggested to me by Twitter, probably because both our accounts hail from Ottawa, ON. Checking out the website I saw some cool vintage fashion that looked absolutely fantastic on the models wearing it. I have been a fan of vintage accessories ever since I inherited my grandmothers beautiful collection of jewelry and bags, but have always been a bit hesitant about clothes. I was worried people wouldn’t ‘get’ the style, that I would wear it wrong and just look old or tacky. Most of the people in my social circle dress pretty conservatively and I was worried about standing out too much. Still, I wanted to keep this neat local .com business on my radar, so I followed.

A few days later @chicshopjp tweeted something like, “15 more followers and we give away $25 to, RT to enter, must be a follower to win!”

I retweeted. I won! I ordered a blazer. It came in. I wore it yesterday. Here is me:

Me in my Chic Shop blazer

I was dressing for work so I paired the blazer with a simple black pencil skirt and a cream coloured tank-top I had. I stayed true to the 60s/70s (?) vintage feel of the jacket with pearl-ish accessories  but added a modern touch with BCBG peep-toe heels. I normally wear  my hair straight but I took the time to curl it a bit for some volume. I felt great all day, powerful, bold, and fun. I got plenty of compliments from women and a few second-glances from the men -not that I’m looking for that; it’s just nice to get noticed.

So thanks Chic Shop! Winning the gift certificate allowed me to try adding vintage clothing to my wardrobe and I loved it.  I will definitely be back on your site and will now have the confidence to shop vintage.


What do you think?

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