04/01.2011 Update. Based on what I saw on the Humane Society’s Facebook page yesterday, Misty has been adopted! Hope you are truly happy in your forever home little girl, you deserve it.

We dropped off our latest foster cat, Misty, at the Ottawa Humane Society this morning. She was such a good girl in the car and was so cute all morning it was next to impossible to give her back. Our home seems empty without her.

Misty. Shelter No. A127197

Misty came to us an 11 month old, short hair, spayed female with a cat cold. The first thing we noticed was how much she looks like a bunny rabbit! Her colourings are gorgeous and with longer ears she could look like the Easter bunny himself. Then we noticed how playful she is … we thought we had seen energetic cats before, but no one compares to Misty.  She would be great with kids.

All we know about Misty’s history is that she was transferred from another shelter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, up until now, she has spent her entire life in a crate. For the first few days with us she would crouch and hide if she was in a large space. Once she was healthy and started socializing with my “rehabilitation cats” (our boys, Marcel and Dexter) she came right out of her shell.  She just adores running around, wrestling and chasing other cats, and playing tug-of-war! That was another first for us, Misty will literally grab a sting/ribbon toy in her mouth and pull backwards on it like a dog. She is so much fun to play with, and when she finally gets tuckered out, she is a great snuggeler too.

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful little girl, you can find her on-line here, or in person at the PetsMart in Barrhavan.

For more pictures of Misty, click.


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