More Cat Product Love

Our move-in date is drawing closer!! And buby (boyfriend hubby) and I are having trouble holding back the shopping reigns. We have bought furniture and cutlery and light fixtures excreta for our new digs with no end in sight. Of course we have not forgotten out fur-babies Dexter and Marcel, who will be moving into a home designed with them in mind. Here are additions to the list of things we want to / will buy / have bought for them.

Want to: The FoliCat SWAY ~30euro                                


We are constantly trying to keep them off the table, and this under-the-table toy seems like the perfect encouragement. Especially now that we plan on having a home office (keeping in mind the universal cat love of demanding attention every time a laptop is turned on) this magnetically suspended toy will be an excellent distraction from the cursor moving on the screen. Their next model should be a magnetic wireless mouse that moves the bottom piece. Play with your cat while writing your blog; genius!

If I’d lived in Europe, for 30 bucks I’d order it right now. But with the exchange rate and shipping charges, I’ll try hunting in Canada for it or attempt a DIY.

Will buy: Harnesses ~10CND

Adjustable Cat Harnesses

Although Liam and I disagree about this, I am adamant that Marcel and Dexter should get some fresh air and sunshine. While believing that no cat should wander the streets alone and all kitties should be raised as indoor kitties, I think a lil’ safe outdoor fun is okay. Liam doesn’t want to get them outdoor-cat shots and thinks they will hate the outside anyway. But our tiny backyard is 100% enclosed with high wood fencing and 90% patio-stone. So where can the harm come from? I want to be in the backyard on sunny days and have Marcel and Dex out there with me; hiding in the wee garden, cashing bugs, lounging in the sun, enjoying the breeze. It sounds splendid for them and for me. But I don’t like taking chances so I want them on a leash and harness. I should buy these soon and get them use to wearing them inside, that way when spring comes Dexter and Marcel will be ready to explore a staggering 50 square feet of the world!

The picture I used is from PetsMart, which I do not shop at (reasons here). But I’m sure I can find similar ones at Global Pet Foods, or our local human society.

Have bought: LiterLocker II ~20CND                               

Litter Locker II

Now that we wont have a garbage chute to rid us of the stinkies every morning, this was an absolute necessity. The Liter Locker is sort of like a Diaper Genie for cats. It holds soiled waste in air-tight double film bags, trapping odour away until garbage day. We got ours at Canadian Tire on sale for $13.99, and bought a years supply (we hope) of bag refills, also on sale, for around $4 each.


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