Green Cloud

As our moving date approaches, I’m starting the get excited about some of the eco-opportunities our new residence will afford. Although we are up-sizing, I’m very confident that we can live greener in our new home.

One way we can do this is by participating in Ottawa’s Green Bin composing program (as high-rise dwellers we weren’t included).  So while checking it out today I found the list of what you are allowed to put in the bin here.  I was impressed by a lot of stuff on the list (cotton balls, meat, dryer lint, kitty litter!) so made a mental note that I should print this list and stick it on the fridge once we got going with compositing. And then I got sad. This was going to be the first item on my new fridge in my new house that I have über-stylish-chic plans for? This dull, boring, functional, City of Ottawa generated list? So sad.

So I got out my handy keyboard (my weapon of choice), googled “word cloud”, and found Wordle: yay! A bit of tweaking the list, and lots of fun playing around with colours and fonts, and I ended up with a graphic I’m proud to put on my fridge … or hang as art in the kitchen, or stick on some crafty bulletin board I create, etcetera.

What goes in the green-bin?

What do you think?

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