A cat’s dream home

Dexter and Marcel's cattitude

My boyfriend and I are considering moving out of our student apartment and into something a little more … pulchritudinous. As we start looking, we naturally begin to imagine what our dream house would be like and a wish list of objects to fill that house is created; stainless steel appliances, home gym with an infrared sauna, king sized bed, surround sound system, etc. I think most people can relate to this type of daydream brainstorm, what surprised both of us was how much our domestic fantasy-land extended to our cats.

On top of fostering kittens for the Ottawa Humane Society, Liam and I stake our claim to the Crazy Cat Couple title by owning two cats of our own. Marcel is a 5-year-old tuxedo’s short-hair on a perpetual diet. Liam bought him about a year before we met. Dexter is a 1½ year-old high energy, very demanding, vocal, black ball of chaos we adopted after fostering him twice from the OHS.

Naturally our boys are spoiled rotten, and if we are treating ourselves with a bigger better lifestyle, then Marcel and Dex will be experiencing an upgrade as well. Here is some of the stuff we would love to have for them in a new place:

Pioneer Pet Ceramic Drinking Fountain – 59.99USD + shipping


For cats, running water is a must. The flow is appealing and encourages them to drink more; indoor cats tend to get dehydrated due to dry air heating. Our guys already have a water fountain, but it’s ugly blue plastic and very hard to keep clean. Plastic is porous and traps bacteria that can cause feline acne (worse than it sounds). We’ve been okay so far, but this would certainly be a cleaner healthier option. The ceramic dish is easy to take a part and goes in our ‘dream’ stainless steel dishwasher. It also looks fantastic!

Pillar Perfect Petfeeder -492.26 CND + shipping


As I said before, Marcel is on a perpetual diet. He gets restricted quantities of expensive veterinary food three times a day -and he has been for two years. He hasn’t lost any weight, but he hasn’t gained any either. Now we keep him on the diet because we are afraid if we try something easier/cheaper he will balloon even more and get diabetes or some other health problem. Three feedings a day isn’t easy to keep up with, especially since we graduated and are at home a lot less. Liam’s sister, who lives with us, is still a student at home a lot and feeds them when we can’t, but after the move we won’t be so lucky.

The perfect pet feeder automatically dispenses specified quantities of food, at any time you want. It’s guaranteed that your cat won’t get his little paw under the lid, it has a battery back-up power supply to feed your pets in a blackout, its sleek and stylish, can feed both pets at once, and it’s really expensive! But I think we are going to make this wish list item come true anyway; both our guys get stressed between meals and feeding them more often ourselves isn’t practical. Cat’s (like people) who eat smaller portions more times a day are usually are healthier and maybe this is the edge Marcel needs to get his weight under control. Also, some how the 7am meal time kept getting earlier and earlier and now Liam is woken up at 4am by our darling cats screaming for food (I’m a deep sleeper). This top-of-the-line incomparable product is the way to go, and I think will make all four of our lives easier.

Turbo Tracks – 19.99CND each


We got them a Turbo Track for Christmas and it was a hit. Dexter especially loved chasing the ball around, and to this day gets confused when it goes under the bridge (which way will it come out?). But with only one track the toy sits in its now boring crazy-8 configuration, and only gets a passing swat every once in a while. Buying more tracks lets you connect them together, use multiple balls, and create and infinite number of stimulating challenges for your cat. In our new home, I’d love to have room for a super turbo track … say 8-10 tracks, to rival even Venus’s.

((I love 0:54 where she uses to box as part of the fun))

Cat-Grass Table


No cat should be allowed to roam the streets. Sure, they love being outside, but so would a kid until it was lost, alone, hungry, exposed, and in danger of cars, animals, and not-so-kind-people. Marcel and Dexter are indoor cats, and this will not change when we move out of our apartment building. But I would love for them to be outside, while supervised, on a harness and leash … that is if they even want to go outside. Right now on the rare occasion that venture out into the apartment hallway, it takes about 30 seconds of nervous crawling before something terrifies them and they come shooting back in. So in-case they aren’t brave enough to explore the back yard, I would love to be able to bring a little bit of the outside in. This DIY project by Jessie is perfect inside our out:

And this more finished table by Emily Wettstein is so beautiful, it just happens to be awesome for cats.


Cat Climbing Wall

No surprise here; cats love to climb. The higher they can get the more fun they have.  People like to be on the ground, and sadly, houses are designed only for people. But if we are sharing our space with feline members of the family, shouldn’t we take there needs into consideration? I would love to do some of the climbing cat walls seen in these inspiring posts:


What do you think?

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