Lacey Update

A week ago I posted about our foster kittens we had taken care of while they had colds. When they were better, we brought them back to the animal shelter for their routine spay and neuter surgeries and the little boy, Davis, got adopted right away. The little girl, Lacey,  isn’t doing very well. She got sick after her sugary and isn’t eating.

The people at the OHS do all they can for the animals in their care, but the cramped conditions in the tiny 43-year-old building creates a stressful environment for the animals and many fall sick before they are adopted. Right now she is even too ill for us to re-foster her.  I can’t stop thinking of this poor, beautiful little kitten who spent a month with us happy and healthy. The Ottawa Humane Society is now building a new shelter, a state of the art facility that will bring about lasting, positive outcomes in every department and allow them to save, treat, house and place more animals. Lacey is just one case out of thousands that showcase just how badly this new shelter is needed. Liam and I have already pledged to donate $2500 towards the new building and only wish it could be more.I urge every animal lover in the Ottawa area to check out the Breaking Ground campaign and see how you could help.

And any positive thoughts for Lacey will also be deeply felt and appreciated.

Lacey, Chillin' on our bed

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