Davis and Lacey

14/01/2011 Update. Lacey isn’t doing very well. She got sick after her sugary and isn’t eating. more…

11/01/2011 Update. Davis has found his forever home! Lacey is still recovering from surgery.

Davis and Lacey are kittens my boyfriend and I fostered from the Ottawa Humane Society. They were two months old when we got them and both had minor colds. They stayed with us for one month until they got better and big enough to get spayed and neutered. Now they are back at the Humane Society, recovering from their surgeries, and will soon be up for adoption here.

Davis (Right) and Lacey (Left)

Davis is now a healthy 3 month old black domestic short hair little gentlemen. He is very playful and has mountains of energy. He loves to wrestle with our 1-year-old cat Dexter, and basically shadowed him morning and night. Davis has more than the usual amount of cat curiosity, and loves to see what’s on your plate or in your glass. He is also very affectionate  and loves to groom his friends and give out kitten kisses. As you can see, he is a real cutie and really deserves a great home.

Davis (Shelter No. A12403)

Lacey is now a healthy 3 month old gray calico domestic short hair little lady.  She is sweet and cuddly, loves to be close to people, and can purr for hours. With Davis as a brother and two other boy cats in the house, Lacey had to be playful a rambunctious too. Her favorite pastime is watching TV and attempting to catch hockey players on-screen. She doesn’t mind sharing food or toys, but if she is really enjoying a special treat, she may send a warning growl towards the nosy boy cat who bothers her.   Lacey is a beautiful little girl and will make a wonderful pet to anyone who chooses to love her.


We miss these little guys already, and our house seems empty without them. Liam and I don’t take new fosters until the previous ones are happily adopted, so contact the OHS for information about the adoption process or how you can get involved in animal fostering.

For more pictures of Davis and Lacy click here.


We named these kittens after characters from one of our favourit TV shows Coner Gas. The personalities really fit!



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