Chirst(less)mas Music


I heard this the evening after I blogged this post and it NEEDs to be included in the non-religious list. Don’t be a Jerk – It’s Christmas just needs to be covered by someone other than Sponge Bob and I think we have an instant classic.

Rethink Carols

I LOVE Christmas songs! They are beautiful, and you only get to sing them or listen to them for a month out of the year, so that makes them even more special. They aren’t all about Jesus either. Here is a list of some secular … or at least non-religious songs I can think of off the top of my head;

Winter Songs

Non-Religious Christmas Songs

All of these songs are awesome, and I will make an effort to learn more of them. It should be noted that there is nothing wrong in singing Silent Night or Away in Manger either. The same way I don’t believe Rihanna loves the way Eminem lies; I don’t have to believe a virgin teenager gave birth to a god-king in a stable in Bethlehem to listen to either of those songs; the imagery  and melodies are beautiful. I just think that there is a strong need for more secular holiday songs, and hopefully the music industry will recognize this soon.


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