Green Christams: Gifts

I’m a big fan of the World Wildlife Fund, and have considered giving an ‘adoption kit’ as a gift for a while. You symbolically adopt an endangered animal on behalf of the recipient, and WWF uses the money towards the conservation effort. I’m all for charity gifts in general and was thrilled with the goats I received a few years back. My boyfriend however feels that if people wanted to be charitable, they would be on their own time, and don’t appreciate you pushing it on them. Not a bad argument, but this year I took the plunge with my two goddaughters, telling myself that it’s my duty to guide them into a selfless and conscious future. To 5-year-old Maya I adopted the WFF mascot; the cute and cuddly panda bear. For 12-year-old Niki, I chose the tiger, and I’m tickled pink at how fitting it is.

Siberian Tiger
Image via Wikipedia

2010 is Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. Neither of us is Chinese, nor do I hold any credibility to horoscopes, but the WWF and others have used this year to focus on the desperate case of tigers, and a Tiger Summit was held in Russia just a week ago. Scientists predict that by the next Year of the Tiger in 2022, there won’t be any wild tigers left. The last Year of the Tiger was 1998, the year Niki was born, the one before that was in 1986 – the year I was born! I think it’s a nice gift and a great cause, and I really hope Niki will appreciate it. The girls get a personalized adoption certificate, as well as a plush replica of the animal.

On top of that, I wanted to get them each something more ‘fun’, but still in keeping with the environmental theme. For Niki, who loves crafts, I found Crayola’s new line “Pop Art Pixies”. One of the characters, Skye, is an eco-freak and her products teach kids about environmental responsibility. There is also an on-line component to the toy, and a facebook-ish type of Crayola  social network where you can turn yourself into a pop art Pixie and share pictures of your crafts with other kids … or eco-cool godmothers who cant resist creating another avatar of herself.

Anyway, kids like all things on-line right?? I got Niki the aluminum water bottle that comes with paints and stencils so she can decorate it, while learning how bad discarded plastic is for the planet. I think all of Skye’s product are great, and hope she comes out with more soon, and maybe some that are appropriate for the 5+ crowd … as I still need something for Maya!


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