Green Christmas: Wrapping

I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious this Holiday Season; apparently there is 25% more waste thrown out between American Thanksgiving (last weekend) and New Years Eve. First, I decide to wrap all my gifts with news papers I found discarded on buses. Honestly I think I used less than 3 of them for all my wrapping. There is so much paper and it just goes to waste! … or best case scenario it gets recycled. Any way it was a big decision for me since I’m usually super anal about ribbons, bows, folds, and colour coordinating paper. But considering all the planet does for me, it’s really nothing and I’m sure my recipients won’t care in the least how they look. Some people may just think I’m being cheap, but hopefully, in the end, they will remember THAT I BOUGHT THEM A FRIGGIN’ GIFT.  So, I used a scraps of wrapping paper and ribbons from last year to add colour. I know they are a far cry from being totally eco-friendly, but I for sure used less wrapping paper than last year, and I’m really happy with how pretty they look.

Another way I ecode up this Christmas was this center piece. I just filled up vases I already had with some shiny decoration that didn’t make it on the tree. Completely re-used items, and I think it looks absolutely lovely.


What do you think?

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