Hallowe’en Prep

Who doesn’t like Halloween? Okay, lots of people, but they are creepy.

This year for Halloween I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I know that I’ll be there dressed up as an octopus doing it. My Ursula inspired ensemble is subject of a future post (as it is not yet near completion; T minus 5 days!). For now I will focus on what I am making my dear boyfriend wear – the poor unfortunate soul.

Wanting to ‘match’ in theme but understanding that Liam would not accept a mantopus get up, I started thinking of other under-the-sea creatures I could turn him into. It needed to be simple and require no effort on his part. It also needed to be cool enough for him to actually wear it. King Triton would be too complicated and would fit better if I were a mermaid. A lobster would be cute as a button, but hard to make and again lacking in masculinity.

I had almost settled on ‘sailor/fisherman’, not particularly enchanted by the idea, when the obvious finally stuck and I thought of the ultimate creature of the deep! Lethal, sleek, and ferocious; Liam would go as a shark. It fit perfectly! Octopus and shark are both generally regarded as evil or dark characters, they both live in the ocean, and a shark has masculine connotations (I checked; its le requin). A quick Google image search turned up this link that ultimately became the inspiration for the outfit I designed.

I’ve taken a look at some craft blogs so I know how to format this post. Here’s what you need for this DIY:

  • 1 grey logo-less hoodie (I got mine for $9.99 at Value Village)
  • 1 set of wings (set at the dollar store came with wand my cats now play with)
  • 1 sheet of white felt
  • 1 sheet of black felt
  • 2 sheets of grey felt
  • Some ‘spider web’ (again the dollar store, or use batting if you have it)
  • 1 roll of iron-on hemming tape
  • 1 set of widow cling scary eyes (or googly eyes, or anything you want)
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Iron + ironing board
  • Sewing kit


I started with the dorsal fin of the shark. This iconic symbol of a deadly predator swimming just below the surface is critical to the costume.

  1. Snip the bottom set of wings off so you just have the long ones. Fold together and gently bend both sets of wires into a long semi-crescent shape.
  2. Drawing the basic shape of a shark fin onto the grey felt, cut out both pieces.
  3. Sew the felt pieces together –make into a pocket by leaving the bottom open. I used a blanket stitch.
  4. Turn the fin pocket inside out so that the stitching is inside. Insert the wires and adjust for the perfect shape.
  5. Stuff the fin with the spider web fluff, trying to get in between the netting of the wings.
  6. Close up the pocket by stitching to the base of the wings. Be careful to get the straps centered, or else your fin will lean.
  7. Get a volunteer to try on the hoodie with the fin and straps over top. This way you can see exactly where the fin will sit on a persons back.
  8. Draw a line on the sweater right under the fin. When your model takes of the sweater, cut a slit into this line.
  9. Sew the seams of the slit so that the hoodie won’t rip or fray.
  10. Try on the costume again but this time with the fin on first and the hood over top. The model may need help getting the hoodie over the fin and the fin through to slit.


Next I did the teeth of a shark … this is what is going to make you costume not look like a dolphin.

  1. Decide on how long and wide you want your teeth. Draw a zig-zag along the length of the white felt. Draw and cut-out enough zig-zag to line the hood of the sweat-shirt.
  2. Using long thin strips of the hemming tape, iron on the teeth to the inside of the hood, all along the inside edge.


Sharks have small, dark, round eyes, but for Halloween, a little creative license is allowed. I bought these window cling jellies and picked eyes I thought were scary. I wanted to glue them on the sides of the hood, but the fabric just kept soaking up the glue and nothing would stick. I ended up sewing the eyes on and it looks fine, but if I did this again I would use fabric eyes attach them with the hemming tape.


Most sharks have slit like gills on their sides. This is the finishing touch of the costume.

  1. Trace 6 or 8 thin, wide crescents in proportion to the size of your sweater on the black felt and cut them out.
  2. Use the hemming tape to attach the gills to the sides of the hoodie, right under the sleeves. My inspiration came from picture seen here.

And volia! Isn’t he adorable? I think its pretty obvious that he is a shark, and Liam loves that all he has to do is throw on the hoodie over his denim and he’s done. This is the ideal costume for a guy who isn’t super in to getting dressed up, but not opposed to it either. Perfect at a house party, the club, or even giving away candy to the kiddies at the door.


What do you think?

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