Divine Devil

This is my first post. I feel like there is a lot of pressure because in the “About” section I say something like all my thoughts are clever and interesting. And now I can’t think of anything to write about except of what’s happening in my life. Well not ‘happening’, nothing is ‘happening’ right now, I’m sitting at a desk writing. What I mean is what’s ‘going to happen’. I guess I’m a very future oriented person. This sounds like a good thing, something you would say in a job interview, but I think being able to enjoy the present is better. I’m not really relishing in sitting and writing, but I am excited to see how my post will look when I’m done sitting and writing -you know, in the future. At least I still beat people who always look to the past.

So the biggest thing that is going to happen to me is that I will turn 24 next Saturday. I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it, figuring I’d let other people plan me something if they had a mind to. But then I remembered last year when my parents and my boyfriend (Liam) each took me out for a fancy dinner and that was it. You’d think two nice meals out would be enough celebration for someone who has had 23 birthdays, but I’m selfish and needy. So I planed a party at a restaurant called Play, about 20 people are coming and I hope everyone says how great I look and buys me drinks afterward. But there is another reason I am so looking forward to my party; and that is The Velvet Devil.

The Velvet Devil is a wine; a merlot actually, and it is so very good. The first time I tried it was on Liam’s and my 4 year anniversary (anniversaries are also a big deal). It wasn’t even on the wine list yet, but the sommelier suggested it as a pairing with whatever we ordered. I’m Portuguese, so I grew up on wine –more literally than you’d like to imagine- but it hasn’t been until the last year or so that I’ve started taking a notice in different kinds of wine. Before I either liked a wine or I didn’t, and never thought why?. I don’t know what changed me, I don’t like to dwell on the past, but now I know that I’m not a fan of sweet or fruity wines, that I prefer dry wines with rich full flavours. Naturally, I like merlot.

I’m on no account a wine expert or anything, but I like this wine so much that I’m blogging about it. I have been back to Play twice since and ordered it each time. I am even considering asking the sommelier to sell me a case. I don’t know what it is about The Velvet Devil that I love so much. The name is cool. It’s dark and smokey and divine, and it contains the only flavour I have ever been able to identify in a wine; plum. The flavours just explode in your mouth like fireworks for one intense second, and then they simmer down into softer gentler lights and smoothly slide down your throat. I feel like it’s a comfortable wine -I could picture drinking it in my jammies, in front of a fire, at Christmas, with Santa. Santa would like this wine; it would be nice with cookies. I probably like it because it makes me live in the moment … until I start think about Christmas.

A quick Google will tell you that it has a “purposefully, slightly elevated tannic profile” and to “think red plums, bittersweet cocoa with hints of smoke” –okay so I missed the cocoa. It will also lead you to a video of the guy who made the wine, Charles Smith, and how he opens his bottles. Kind of strange, but I don’t know how else to end a blog post, so take a look and have a chuckle. The end.


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